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Founded by the lawn experts at McKays Grass Seeds, Australia’s leading online grass seed store.

Introducing our Lawn Fertilisers

We wanted to create an easier way for passionate lawn enthusiasts to care for their lawns, without the need for an expensive professional lawn care service.


with Soil Wetter

N:P:K 6:1:3

Improve your soil’s ability to absorb and hold water and reduce the amount of watering required. (Protection from the scorching heat)

Improves moisture retention


with Trace Elements

N:P:K 8:1:4

A comprehensive lawn feed containing all the essential macro + micro nutrients.

 soil microbes


with Iron

N:P:K 8:1:4

A base feed with Iron chelate added for supreme green. A great pre-christmas treat for your lawn.

soil aeration


with Fulvic and Humic Acid

N:P:K 14:2:5

Lawn gone a little sleepy through winter? Kickstart will help it bounce back FAST. Rich in minerals, vitamins and amino’s, Kickstart will actually improve your lawns ability to take up all the other goodies we’ll give it through the year.  

Root Growth


with Seaweed/Kelp

N:P:K 2:1:1

Molecular compounds and plant hormones found in the Kelp (seaweed) plant, contain anti-freeze qualities that helps the kelp survive the freezing northern European oceans from where it is harvested.

With Anti-Freeze


with Calcium, Magnesium and Iron

N:P:K 2:1:1

Supplementing the kelp with a Calcium + Magnesium and Iron will help fortify the plants cell structure, providing additional protection against winter chills.


Start your
Lawn Care journey now!

With just few clicks you can begin improving your lawn. Tell us a little about your lawn, and we tailor a yearly lawn care plan for your specific requirements.

By selecting this option, you agree to subscribe for 4x quarterly boxes to be delivered over a 12 month period. During this period, you will be unable to cancel your subscription. (Your lawn will be very happy though)