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Lawn Care Made Simple

With a Charlie Checkers lawn care subscription, throughout the year we’ll send you precisely what your lawn needs, when your lawn needs it. One fertiliser treatment for each month of the year.

What's In The Box?

Each quarterly box, contains 3x monthly applications. Your tailored lawn care plan is based on your local climate and seasonal requirements of your lawn.

Maximise enjoyment,
minimise effort

Lusher, greener,
self-sustaining lawns

A quick 15 minute application of our liquid fertiliser’s each month and your lawn will be thriving in no time. Simply connect a hose and spray. Less yard work = more yard play!

Better ingredients for people, pets and planet

Lawns should be enjoyed—not filled with yellow warning flags. So we found a way to get real results using ingredients that won’t keep you up at night.  

Our liquid fertilisers contain natural fertilisers such as, fish, seaweed, blood and bone, with additives including Iron, Humic and Fulvic acid. 

Everything you need delivered to your door

No need to stress about timing or application rates. With a Charlie Checkers subscription plan, what you need shows up right when you need it—just open the box and hose it on!

How it works?

Charlie Checkers

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Okay but, does it work?

Our customers love their Charlie Checkers lawns.
Charlie Checkers
Nicole said

Before and after pictures
I have been with CC Lawn for about a year now and
I have been very pleased with the difference it has made. We can actually enjoy our lawn now.

Charlie Checkers
Lindsey said

Charlie Checkers has changed my lawn!
It’s green and lush – the neighbors are stopping when they walk by! And their customer service was top notch. They helped me adapt my habits for my lawn’s needs. Thanks, Charlie Checkers!

Not just a pretty lawn

Your Charlie Checkers lawn is part of something
bigger. Like, planet sized big.

By selecting this option, you agree to subscribe for 4x quarterly boxes to be delivered over a 12 month period. During this period, you will be unable to cancel your subscription. (Your lawn will be very happy though)